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Examples + Diagrams

Here are some examples of Pneumatic Systems.

1. Air nail gun – used for building houses.

In an air nail gun, air pressure flows into the gun from a compressor which the air pressure is then stored into a “chamber” until the plunger which is located at the muzzle is depressed and the trigger is pulled.  When the plunger is depressed, the air pressure is then allowed to flow through the chamber, above a piston that is attached to a blade. Located above the piston is under plunger. The compressed air then forces the plunger up and allows access to the top of the piston.

2. Jackhammer – Used for drilling holes in various materials

This device is fed with compressed air as a source of power and uses pumps to deliver air to drill through hoses. Although this is commonly known as a drill, this machine is actually more like an automatic hammer in it’s method of working and because of that, it is known as the air-hammer or jackhammer.

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